Artist: Casey Donahew Band | Song: One Star Flag

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Casey Donahew Band, One Star Flag Tabs

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Artist/Band: Casey Donahew Band Tabs
Song: One Star Flag Tab

One Star Flag
By Casey Donahew Band

Got ice in my veins and blood on my lips
And this look on my face like I don't give a s**t
E                                               A
Everybody's acting like I'm the only one messed up
I'm staring down the barrel of a whiskey bottle
Got the hammer down and I can't find the throttle
    E                                         A
I'm revved up red line lookin' for a place to go

        A                                           D
And I'm headed south like a freight train bound for Texas
          E                                        A
There's a girl in Fort Worth who swears I'm on her mind
        A                                     D 
And she tells me the bed gets cold when she's all alone
         E                                            A
And that one star flag is waving like it's calling me home

I got nerves of steel with my head on the gate
And when I nod my head I'll be lookin' for eight
When my heart beats pumpin' so hard I can't catch my breath
I hope that it blows and turns into my hand
And I'll make a move for the girls in the stand
And I'll be smiling with a choker while I'm holding up the buckle
We'll be takin' it to the bar 'cause the drinks are on me


Well, if you think I'm easy, you're mistakin', this left hand will leave you shakin'
I might bend but I won't break, you can have what you can take
Come and get it, you'll regret it 
Better just walk away


Yeah, that one star flag is waving like it's calling me home 

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