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Casey Donahew Band, Love Me Right Tabs

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Country Tabs > Casey Donahew Band Tabs > Love Me Right

Artist/Band: Casey Donahew Band Tabs
Song: Love Me Right Tab

F#   B   C#m   F#  (X3)


F#     B       C#m         F
I grew up in a north Texas town

    F#        B         
And I was the guy your daddy wouldn't

C#m           F#
Let you hang around

      F#           B
Cause I was on the move

   C#m           F#
And I was moving fast

F#              B
Tell you that I love you but 

  C#m              F#
I know it'll never last

     F#      B
Then I met a girl 

       C#m      F#
With a heart so true

    F#             B
She took me by the hand

          C#m                F#
Turned my grey skies back to blue

She said lay me down, you know I'm gonna love you

Hold me tight, now there's things I'm gonna show you

Listen close, whisper when I tell you

Love me right, and we'll always get through

Never lie, always stay true

You can stay all night if you want to

I dont mind the little things you do

Love me right and we'll always get through

Solo (Verse Chords)

I was into gamblin, 
And I was into cars
I was into goin 
Where the girls dance on the bars
I was into trouble
I was up to nothin good
I was always doin things 
I never should
And I was always leavin
But she could make me stay
All I had to do was
To hear her say


Solo (Verse Chords)

Now I've changed my ways
And I'm walkin straight
I'm in a hurry 
So dont make me late
Cause I've gotta see her
I wanna know
I'm gonna hold her
And I'm never lettin go

Chorus X 2


      B     C#m  F#
We're gonna get  through

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