Artist: Casey Donahew Band | Song: Down The Road

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Casey Donahew Band, Down The Road Tabs

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Country Tabs > Casey Donahew Band Tabs > Down The Road

Artist/Band: Casey Donahew Band Tabs
Song: Down The Road Tab

B   A    E   A E (X2)

           B                        A
Well she's sittin in a car tryin to figure out 

             E     A E
where she'll go

        B                        A                 
And she don't understand why she let him 

          E     A E
break her soul

          A                       E
Now she's bein kinda small and it hurts when you fall

  B                      E
I guess it all hurts the same

    A                           E                B
But she can't believe that its time to leave but she's

headed down the road


            A                         E
She's got a hundred miles left in her gas tank

 B                      E
And not enough money to care

A                            E               B
She grabs the wheel like its no big deal and she's

headed down the road

    A                     E                     B
And she don't care why he left her there she's just

                E       A E
headed down the road

Solo - B  A  E  A E (X2)

        A                     E
Now she stops and stares in a truckstop mirror

B                          E
She can't believe what she sees

A             E                 
Has it really been this long and wheres the 

B                      E
Woman that she used to be

    A                  E                       
But she'll forget all about those regrets when 

B                     E
she's headed down the road


Solo - B  A  E  AE

          B                   A
Now she's locked out, lonely, lost and she 

            E      A E
wants to go home

        B                   A
And she reaches down in her pocket to find some 

              E      A E
money for the phone

And she just reaches on

She's all alone


    A                       E                 B
And she's gotta know why he broke her soul so she's

Headed down the road

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