Artist: Casey Donahew Band | Song: Crazy

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Casey Donahew Band, Crazy Tabs

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Country Tabs > Casey Donahew Band Tabs > Crazy

Artist/Band: Casey Donahew Band Tabs
Song: Crazy Tab

Casey Donahew Band - Crazy

Capo 2

Intro: G   D Cadd9 X 2

She's always callin me

Won't stop followin me

D                      G
She'll never leave me alone

She shows up everywhere

I pretend like I dont care

D                      G
But she's so hard to ignore

She buys me expensive things

She's been obsessed since spring

Em                       D
That night we met by the lake


                   Cadd9             G
I think that she's crazy, out of her mind

            D                          G
Maybe she's lonely, looking for a good time

                Cadd9                G
And maybe she's strange, probably deranged

              D                            G
Her eyes seem hazy, Oh I think that she's crazy

She takes her daddy's car
Down to the honky tonk bar
He thinks she's out with her friends
She takes kung-fu classes
Drinks beer in champagne glasses
She's got car seats but no kids

And she got caught shop lifting
From bar to bar she's drifting
Tattooed my name and shaved her head


Solo (Intro chords X2)


Driving around and I dont see

How this girl gets to me

I feel like I'm breakin down

I wish I could turn around

Chorus (I think that I'm crazy..)X2

Oh she's makin me crazy

That girl she's drivin me crazy

G  D  Cadd9  X2

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