Artist: Casey Donahew Band | Song: Back Home In Texas

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Casey Donahew Band, Back Home In Texas Tabs

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Country Tabs > Casey Donahew Band Tabs > Back Home In Texas

Artist/Band: Casey Donahew Band Tabs
Song: Back Home In Texas Tab

Casey Donahew Band
Back Home In Texas


 B     F#    A    B     B     F#    E  (3x)


 B           F#             A      B                   
I went up to New York City, It's a yankee pity
 B           F#                  E
Those crazy bastards dont have a clue.
 B             F#        A           B
I went down to Tennesee, rocky top I had to see
 B           F#                      E
But I left there cause the corn wont grow
 B             F#          A                B 
I went down to New Orleans, let me tell you bout that scene
 B     F#              E
I got drunk on Bourban Street

              B        F#             A              B
But I've been up all night, sippin on whiskey drinkin beer
  B           F#                    E
Back home in Texas, I wouldn't live anywhere but here
 B           F#                 A            B
Thinkin bout all those night I spent so far away
  B                   F#                E
But I'm back home in Texas, and this is where I'm gonna stay.

B   F#   A   B    B    F#   E  (2X)

  B            F#         A                B
I went out to California, my friends I'll have to warn you
  B         F#                 E
They got a kinky streak out there
  B                F#            A                B
And Las Vegas took all my money, didnt think that it was funny
  B         F#              E
I lost two grand but I got drunk.
  B       F#      A          B
Colorado's cold, the snow it gets real old
  B          F#             E
It's hard to ski in cowboy boots


B   F#   A   B  B   F#   E  (2X)

 B      F#       A         B
Oklahoma's near, It's not home I fear
 B        F#                  E
I got a better view from the south
 B      F#          A               B
Mexico's still hot, dont think that it's my spot
 B     F#             E
Never heard of Shiner Bock

Chorus 2X

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