Artist: Deana Carter | Song: Before We Ever Heard Goodbye

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Deana Carter, Before We Ever Heard Goodbye Tabs

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Country Tabs > Carter Deana Tabs > Before We Ever Heard Goodbye

Artist/Band: Carter Deana Tabs
Song: Before We Ever Heard Goodbye Tab

D  D/F#  G 
D  D/F#  G

D               D/F#        G           D         D/F#           G
I remember that new pair of blue jeans, man, your boots sure did shine
D       D/F#  G             G/F#   Em                      A     Asus4  A
You had on my favorite cologne,    I knew what was on your mind
D             D/F#       G       D        D/F#     G
You picked me up in that mustang you were right on time
D             D/F#       G                        Em                 A
Had the radio on, it was playin our song, we were leavin the world behind

D         A           G
I wanna remember that lovin feeling
D            A             ?          G
When we were young and our hopes were high
  D         A             G
A heart was something you could believe in
         C                        A                      D 
Love was more than just a word, before we ever heard goodbye

That summer night down at the levy
You gave me your ring on a chain
There would never be another for me
Tell me why does everything, always have to change



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