Artist: Deana Carter | Song: Angels Working Overtime

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Deana Carter, Angels Working Overtime Tabs

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Artist/Band: Carter Deana Tabs
Song: Angels Working Overtime Tab

capo 4


She was born at a rest stop on the Kansas state line

In the back of a Dodge in the summer time
Her mama named her Indiana like their lisence plate
With the hum of the tires on the interstate, she was cryin'

They left her at a Denny's up in Colorado
In a blanket with her name written on a note
It said forgive us Lord for not taking her
But this child has a better chance of makin' it
    B                   E
In someone else's arms

B               C#m7 A9  E        B         C#m7 A9
It's a crazy thing,       fate has perfect wings
E            B          C#m7  F#7
All the way down the line
F#m7                    E5
Angels working overtime

She was raised in a place called Cheyenne Wells
She didn't fit in and everyone could tell
That she didn't belong in some prairie town
When she turned eighteen she bought a ticket out
On a greyhound
They stopped a few miles out of Santa Fe
She got out for a smoke and they drove away
She hitched a ride with a boy right outta school
He said I'm headed out West and she said me too
If that's alright


It took a couple hundred miles 'til they fell in love
And forever was the only thing good enough
And in a moment of passion in a motel room
They held on tight and their aim was true
Now they're countin down the days and dreaming all night
In an apartment in LA

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