Artist: Adam Carroll | Song: Teardrops

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Adam Carroll, Teardrops Tabs

Adam Carroll Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Carroll Adam Tabs > Teardrops

Artist/Band: Carroll Adam Tabs
Song: Teardrops Tab

Capo 3

Intro (repeat intro after every chorus)
C  G Am   G C   G Am   G

C                           G     Am     G
   You're my FDR, you're my lucky dime
F                        C       G
   Rollin' circles for a song to sing
C                                G      Am      G
   You're one soft touch from my broken wings
F                               C    G
   One kiss from you and I lose everything

F                          C    G
  I've been livin' down in Florida 
F                             C         G
  I've been dreaming of those causeway roads
         C                             G       Am
And it's just like me to be the one to lose my nerve
        G       F   G                  C
But you are the one, when my teardrops come

It's been a while since things have changed
I talked to your old friend but I forgot her name
She mentioned things were fine with you, she said... didnt bring up my name but then, she forgot that too

I've been living in the U.S.A.
I've been walkin' next to broken hearts
And it's just like me to hang around and beat this drum
But you are the one, when my teardrops come

G  Am           G               C         G Am
       No more sadness, no more tears
Am     G               F       
In my pretty dreams of white
Fm       E7                Am
One more song to count the years
G      F          C
Of my loniless tonight

Like distant dreams from you to me
Like lightning flashin' on a sandy shore
Like pictures in my memory
One night with you was worth it all and more

I've seen silver ships of happiness
People watching from their sad ole shores
I roll this dime one more time for you
'Cause you are the one, when my teardrops come

And it's just like me to raise my sail of blue
You are the one, when my teardrops come

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