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Adam Carroll, Ol' Milwaukee's Best Tabs

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Artist/Band: Carroll Adam Tabs
Song: Ol' Milwaukee's Best Tab

Ol' Milwaukee's Best
Adam Carroll

Capo 3rd fret



Lost my first wife to a woman,
        C           G
Lost my second to a man.
        C                G
Lost my third wife to my cousin,
Lost my fifth wife to my aunt.

Said you gotta train them girls like bulldogs, boys,
       C               G
If you wanna keep 'em around.
        C              G
I got a case of Old Milwaukee,
          D            G
She won't never let me down.

I like to drink 'em with my friends around.
I like to suck 'em back till I hit the ground.
They're here with me and 
They'll be here till the end.
Well the wife and the kids and the dogs are gone,
  G               C
I can't get Jesus on the phone,
    G               D               G
But Old Milwaukee's Best is my best friend.

They say Old Milwaukee ain't the best way
For the American boy to go.
I got a dually pickup truck,
I got ten miles of open road.

My windshield's marked with gravel
And my rearview is streaked with tears.
I got the pages of Larry Flint
To show me the honeys of the year.



Oil prices are droppin' now,
And my third wife had enough of that.
She ran off to the holy land with Yassir Arafat.
He's got thirteen girls in a harem,
He's got carpets and bags and beads,
And I got a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee
I got one more trick up my sleeve.


Well my daddy was a preacher
In church full of old outlaws.
I've got about as much fear of Satan
As I've got of Santa Claus.

And I've read the Revelations,
I'm not worried in the least.
I got three six-packs of Old Milwaukee
And the number of the beast.


Em D    G		D		G
        Old Milwaukee's Best is my best friend.

Ending Riff:


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