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Rodney Carrington, Best You'll Do Tonight Tabs

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Artist/Band: Carrington Rodney Tabs
Song: Best You'll Do Tonight Tab

Intro: C  G  A  C  D  G

G                             C
When you came in this bar tonight
D              G
Heads began to turn
And one by one the men walked up 
D                G
And everyone got burned
You were quite the flirt
In your mini skirt
            Em                 C
Brought the boys down to their knees
But you waited too long to pick one out
C             D       G
Now it's just you and me.


D   G            D
I   may not be a millionaire
      C              D
And I ain't no movie star
    G                  D
But you played hard to get too long
        C                  D
And the good ones left the bar
  Em                               A
I know you had intentions of going home with Mr. Right
    C                  D
But it's last call for alcohol
            C           D  G
And I'm the best you'll do tonight

Verse 2:

G                   C
Hey we can leave in separate cars 
D                 G
And no one has to know
I hope you don't live too far from here
D                     G
My gas tank's running low
But if all goes well 
And we close the deal
           Em                      C
And you're looking for a date next week
You can come back to the same ole bar
            C              D         G
And I'll be sittin' in the same ole' seat



I know I ain't that handsome
And I drive a beat up truck
  C            D
I also know we better go
  C        D     G
Before you sober up


    C           D  G
The best you'll do tonight

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