Artist: Hayes Carll | Song: Rivertown

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Hayes Carll, Rivertown Tabs

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Artist/Band: Carll Hayes Tabs
Song: Rivertown Tab

Hayes Carll

Capo 3

Am           C                   G                     Am
Take me to a rivertown where you can't tell night from day
Am          C             G             Am
Everythings forgiven that did not wash away
Am                       C     G                Am
Where dreaming comes too easy, livings twice as hard
Am                C                    G             Am
And everything is burried, beneath the water and the stars

Yeah I am from Corsican', wayward on the storm
I've been rolling empty sevens since the day that I was born
I've got no rings upon my fingers, no ink beneath my skin
I'll be as clean going out as I was coming in

          F       C           G        Am
I'm gonna wash my sins in the Angilina river
     F                C             Em                
When all that she can take from me, is all that I can give her
    F                   C         G                  Am
And time will bring you down, and time will make you cold
     Am                  C             G             Am
I've turned my back some time ago, and now I'm going home

Well I wondered through the pine trees like an outlaw in the rain
I rambled through big thicket with a pistol and my name
Run away restless angels, don't waste your love on me
Just lay me down in a river town, and home is where I'll be



Well take me to the rivertown where you can't tell night from day
Everythings forgiven that did not wash away

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