Artist: Hayes Carll | Song: Richey Lee

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Hayes Carll, Richey Lee Tabs

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Artist/Band: Carll Hayes Tabs
Song: Richey Lee Tab

Capo 3 
A                  C#m 
Richey Lee was his father's boy 
Big, loud, hard drinkin bundle of joy 
A                             C#m 
A walkin laugh, wrapped up in corduroy 
D                     A 
Richey couldn't do no wrong 
Grew up with a fast runnin' crowd 
Good bunch of boys, just a little too loud 
Can't fault a man for being proud 
Richey kept rollin' on 
Spent his days in a rock and roll band 
Tellin jokes a guitar in his hand 
Tryin hard to meet every demand 
Of all those late night shows 
Whiskey drunk on a Saturday night 
She caught his eye comin' out of the light 
Half way there he had to get in a fight 
Back home, that's just the way it goes 

       D       E                      A  
Strange days they leave you in wonder 
D               E                 A 
And good times, they don't always stay 
D        E            A              F#m     
And true love it will shake you like thunder 
D       E                 F#m D A   E                 A  
But old friends just fade away, old friends just fade away      
Summertime on the river again 
Fishin poles and a two dollar grin 
Ain't ever gonna laugh like that again 
Fallin' right to the ground 
Count the miles down to New Orleans 
Borrowed cash and dirty blue jeans 
Couple of boys lookin' for Cajun queens 
Thinkin' they own the town 
But we all left to find work out of town 
Even wild ones they slow down 
Richey felt like he was comin unwound 
Got tired of playin' the game 
Liquor bottles pilin' up before noon 
Richey said he just needed some room 
We all saw the end comin' way too soon 
And man that's an awful shame 

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