Artist: Hayes Carll | Song: Perfect Lover

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Hayes Carll, Perfect Lover Tabs

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Country Tabs > Carll Hayes Tabs > Perfect Lover

Artist/Band: Carll Hayes Tabs
Song: Perfect Lover Tab

Intro:  G    F C 
        G    F C 
        G   F C    F C G 
Verse 1: 
G       F              C            G   
I could be the perfect lover if you let me 
G       F            C                G         
I could be the only thing you've ever known 
G       F                   C                G           
I could scream out all your lonely heart's desires 
G       F                    C              G           
I could hold all your life's pain inside my own 
Verse 2: 
I could bring the clouds for you to walk among them 
I could raise the seas for them to know your grace 
I could teach the Gods of all your Autumn's glory 
I could bring the summer stars to know your face, say 
G    F    C 
Hey, yeah yeah 
G    F    C 
Hey, yeah yeah 
G    F    C    F  C  G 
Hey, yeah yeah oh oh ohhh 
Bb         G          Bb         G 
  But if I come again   and only as a friend 
      Bb          G             F        C       G 
Would you still know the way my heart is pourin' out 
Bb             G            Bb          G 
  Or would you laugh aloud,   an angel all too proud 
   Bb      G       F C G 
To ever be lonely ag-a-in? 
Repeat Intro 
Verse 3: 
There's a mirror in my room with no reflection 
There's a table where your friends have gathered round 
There's a doorway that my heart could never walk through 
There's a graveyard full of times I let you down 
Repeat: Chorus, Bridge, Intro, Verse 1, then Chorus (3x)

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