Artist: Chris Cagle | Song: I Don't Wanna Live

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Chris Cagle, I Don't Wanna Live Tabs

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Artist/Band: Cagle Chris Tabs
Song: I Don't Wanna Live Tab

G* - 320033

C - G* - C - Fmaj7  C - C - G - G*

I know you said when I left
I'd regret every word, every breath,
Every step, every minute without you
Go do what you have to

I know I said you were wrong
I'd move on, it was only a matter of time
Until I'd make it without you
This wasn't about you

          F       G
I said I needed space,
     F       G
A change of place,
   F          G         F
To go out and live my life

C                        G
But I don't wanna live without you anymore
Am                          F
And what I wouldn't give to get us back to the way it was before
I admit I was wrong all along
            G                                  Dm  C
Now you're gone with all that I've been livin' for
             F                          C - G* - C - Fmaj7
And I don't wanna live without you any more.

And for a couple of nights I was fine
I was high on the wine, and the lights
And my new found freedom 
That I thought I needed

But the cold lonely room that 
I headed home to felt like a tomb
I just stared at the ceiling, 
What an empty feelin'

And baby I 
Tell me its not too late


C - Am - G - F

            F                           Dm  C
And I don't wanna live without you any more.
           F                              C - G* - C - Fmaj7  C - C - G - G*
Oh I don't wanna live without you any more. 

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