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Jimmy Buffett, Summerzcool Tabs

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Artist/Band: Buffett Jimmy Tabs
Song: Summerzcool Tab

Summerzcool (Single edit)
Recorded by Jimmy Buffett

Intro.:  --- | (G)  | (C)  | (G)  | (C)  |
         | (G)  | (C)  | (G) (F) | (C)  | (G)  | (C)  | (G) (F) | (C)  |

(C) You messed (F)up, (G)you read the (C)paper, you acci-(F)dentally (G)watched the news
(C) You inad-(F)vertently (G)find your-(Am)self in the vi-(F)cinity (G)of the (C)blues

Bust your (F)ass (G) to get a (C)good life, (F) you make a (G)habit out of overtime
(C) When the (F)big report (G)card (Am)comes, your (F)priorities are (G)way out of (C)line

You need to go to (G)summer school (C) get to the (G)beach or at (F)least in a (C)pool
Time to go to (G)summer school, (C) remember what (G)is and what (F)is not (C)cool

Time (F)out (G) for bad be-(C)havior, time (F)off you've been (G)under the gun
(C) High (F)time (G)somebody (Am)told you, it's (F)time to let (G)those puppies (C)run

What's (F)up (G)with this re-(C)cession? I re-(F)fuse to par-(G)ticipate
(C) The answer (F)to (G) your burning (Am)question is (F)dancing on (G)your tail-(C)gate

It's time to go to (G)summer school, (C) remember what (G)is and (F)is not (C)cool
Oh (G)summer school, (C) there is a (G)time and a (F)place to (C)act like a fool
At (G)summer school, (C) get your (G)ass to a (F)beach or at (C)least to a pool
At (G)summer school, (C) no one to (G)keep and they (F)break all the (C)rules

Inst.:  | (G)  | (C)  | (G)  | (C)  |

(G)Beer (Am) (F)one-o-(C)one, (G)sex (Am) (F)on-o-two (C)
(G) Tune it (Am)in, (F) turn it (C)out, (G) that's what (Am)I'm talking about (F)

It's time to go to (G)summer school, (C) yeah the (G)courses are (F)easy and (G)there are no rules
At (G)summer school, (C) remember what (G)is and what (F)is not (C)cool
You need to stay in (G)summer school, (C) this is the (G)time and the (F)place to (C)act like a fool
Oh (G)summer school, (C) just no one to (G)keep and they (F)break all the (C)rules

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