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Luke Bryan, First Love Song Tabs

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Country Tabs > Bryan Luke Tabs > First Love Song

Artist/Band: Bryan Luke Tabs
Song: First Love Song Tab

Capo 2
Intro: A E  Bm  x2

Verse 1:
  A 	         E                       D  
Ridin' down the road, listenin' to the radio
           A                        E
You leaned over, and you turned it up.
A                       E                            D   
You said, "Baby this is it, the one I wanted you to hear.
         A               E
Don't it sound just like us?"
Bm                    D
Up 'til then, all I'd ever listened to
      Bm                    D                    E
Was a little "Sweet Home", "Tuesday's Gone", and "Workin' Man Blues."

           A      E     Bm
This is my first love song
      D                      E
First time I felt the words, first time I sang along.
            A-E   Bm             D              E
Whenever it comes on,   I just think of you and everything you do.
           Bm              D                     A  E  Bm
You're my one my from now on, my first love song.

Verse 2:
A                   E                           D 
Baby I'm not who I was, when you gave me your love,
               A                E
And it woke me up, made me more aware.
   A                 E                     D
Of something deep inside, something that I had,
  A              E 
A life, I wanna share.
         Bm                         D
And I'll remember this as long as I live,
      Bm          D                  E
Every note, every word, every single kiss.

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