Artist: Garth Brooks | Song: Wild Horses

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Garth Brooks, Wild Horses Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Wild Horses Tab

   Wild Horses
  from the album No Fences
  as recorded by Garth Brooks
  written by David Wills & Bill Shore
  transcribed without permission by bcr/eg

From a phone booth in Cheyenne
I made a promise to Diane
      A               F#m7               B7
No more rodeos I'd gone my last go 'round
E                               G#m
the same promise that I made in San Antone and Santa Fe
    A                 F#m7              B7
but tonight I saddled up and let her down

        A    E           C#m      B7   E   
Chorus: Wild horses keep dragging me away
                 F#m7                 A             B7
 And I'll lose more than I'm gonna win someday
             A                G#m
 Wild Horses just stay wild
         A                 Am
 and her heart is all I'll break
             E           C#m      B7      E
 Wild horses keep dragging me away

(second verse same chord progression as 1st)

She watched me drive around her block
Gettin' courage up to stop
To make her one more promise I can't keep
The way I love the rodeo I guess I should let her go
Before I hurt her more than she loves me

C#m = x46654

Gm = 466444

F#m7 = 242222

B7 =  x24242

A = xo222o

E = xx2100

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