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Garth Brooks, What Shes Doing Now Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: What Shes Doing Now Tab

Attention German tab    hm = bm (usa)

Garth Brooks

What she’s doing now  

Intro: D A hm G A
D                         A        hm
Last time I saw her it was turnin' colder 
G                      Asus A
But that was years ago 
D                  A          hm       G
Last I heard she had moved to Boulder 
                 D       em          A
But where she's now, I don't know 
G                                f#m      hm
But there's somethin' 'bout this time of year 
G             f#m  em      A
That spins my head around 
D             A         hm
Takes me back, makes me wonder 
G          G/A   D
What she's doin' now 

       D         A     G       A    hm/f#m/hm                
Cause what she's doin' now is tearin'me apart 
hm      A     G        A           D
Fillin' up my mind and emptying my heart 
D     A        G        f#m                       
I can hear her call each time the cold wind 
                      G     A7sus4
And I wonder if she knows
what she's doin' now          

Intro: D A hm G A

D                           A         hm
Just for laughs, I dialed her old number 
G                      Asus4   A
But no one knew her name 
D                               A  hm     G      G
Hung up the phone, sat there and wondered 
          D            em      A
If she'd ever done the same 
G                    f#m      hm
I took a walk in the evenin' wind 
G           f#m     em      A
To clear my head somehow 
D                     A   hm
But tonight I lie here thinkin' 
G          G/A   D 
What's she doin' now 

Ref 2X 
 (without the last line of the ref between)     

Intro: D A hm G A  D(gliss)

[Thanks to Dirk Kraut for tabs]

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