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Garth Brooks, This Aint Tennessee Tabs

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Country Tabs > Brooks Garth Tabs > This Aint Tennessee

Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: This Aint Tennessee Tab

Composed by Garth Brooks
Written by James Shaw, Larry Bastin

Intro: D A D G

It's a big estate
With wrought iron gates
A                        E
And palm trees standing tall
A                       E
Fancy mirrors and chandlers
F#m               B
Comfort wall to wall

E                    B
And the ocean air is so crisp and clear
A                   E
And they rave about our view
A               F#m            B
But there ain't no mountain breeze
A            F#m             B
And there ain't no hickory trees
A         F#m         B
And this ain't Tennessee
               E     B
And she ain't you

There's a bedroom suite
Where she comes to me
A                            E
And as her fingers touch my face
A                        E
I close my eyes and I fantasize
F#m                   B
Of another time and place
E                      B
What she feels is so warm and real
A                      E
And I know her love is true
A             F#m          B
And she tries so hard to please
A          F#m           B
Still I think sometimes she sees
A          F#m         B   
That this ain't Tennessee
And she ain't you

A                           E
It's not that it's not grand enough
A                          E
And it's not that I'm not man enough
A                             E          Cm7
There's just something easy going that I love
      F#m7            B   (modulate to C)
about you and Tennessee

F                     C
So I made up my mind to learn my lines
Bd                    F
And try to play the part
Bd                     F
But part of me is in Tennessee
G#m                   C
And deep down in my heart
F                    C
I miss my Smokey Mountain home
Bd                     F
And I miss your loving too
Bd             G#m       C
And it's deep inside of me
Bd           G#m          C
And it's always going to be
Bd           G#m         C
Cause this ain't Tennessee
And she ain't you

[Thanks to nickesmusic for corrections]

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