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Garth Brooks, That Summer 3 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: That Summer 3 Tab

That Summer 
Written by: Pat Alger, Garth Brooks, Sandy Mahl-Brooks 
Album: The Chase
transcribed by: Alex Legere

Capo 2nd fret

(I'm tabbing this based on the Live Version)

I went to work for her that summer
A teenage kid so far from home
She was a lonely widow woman
Hell-bent to make it on her own
We were a thousand miles from nowhere 
Wheat fields as far as I could see 
Both needing something from each other 
                                D    Gsus2  G
Not knowing yet what that might be 

'Til she came to me one evening 
Hot cup of coffee and a smile 
In a dress that I was certain 
She hadn't worn in quite a while 
There was a difference in her laughter 
There was a softness in her eyes 
And on the air there was a hunger 
Even a boy could recognize 

G                          D    C
She had a need to feel the thun-der
To chase the lightning from the skies
To watch a storm with all its wonder 
Written in her lover's eyes
                            Em        D  C
She had to ride the heat of passion 
Like a comet burning bright
Rushing headlong in the wind
Now where only dreams have been 
                         G       Gsus2 G
Burning both ends of the night

That summer wind was all around me 
Nothing between us but the night 
When I told her that I'd never 
She softly whispered that's alright 
And then I watched her hands of leather 
Turn to velvet in a touch 
There's never been a summer 
When I have ever learned so much 

During Solo:

G - C - D - Gsus2 - G

I often think about that summer 
The sweat, the moonlight and the lace 
And I have rarely held another 
When I haven't seen her face 
And every time I pass a wheat field 
And watch it dancing with the wind 
Although I know it isn't real 
I just can't help but feel 
Her hungry arms again 

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