Artist: Garth Brooks | Song: Take The Keys To My Heart

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Garth Brooks, Take The Keys To My Heart Tabs

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Country Tabs > Brooks Garth Tabs > Take The Keys To My Heart

Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Take The Keys To My Heart Tab

  Take The Keys To My Heart

 As Preformed By Garth Brooks From The Albume Sevens
 wriiten By Benita Hill/Pam Wolfe & Tommy Smith
 transcribed  without permission by bcr/eg

Intro: (C/D D C/D D)

I've been out on this highway of heartache

F              G                   D7
Hopin' that somewhere down the line
        G                          D7           G
I could find somebody who could rev me like you do
   F                 G            D7
so grab on to my wheel and I'll be fine

                 G7                            D7
Chorus: Take the keys to my heart and drive me crazy
                  F          G7                   A7
 I've been running on empty way too long
                D7                   G7
 Honey you got the touch that heats my motor up
                 D7         G          F       D7      (n.c)
 Take the keys to my heart and drive it home fill it up  

( intrumental) G7  D7  A7  D7 G7 D7 G F D7

Verse2 (same progression as 1st)
I don't know where this road is gonna led us
But what a beautiful night for a drive
Baby, put your mind at ease
drop the top and feel the breeze
just follow all the signs to paridise.

      G7                                D7
Tonight we're gonna set these wheels on fire 
         E7                          A7
and find out how far this thing will go
       D7                                     G7          
Honey we don't need no map cause' where we are is where it's at
         D7              G7        F            D7
Drop the keys to my heart and I'll drive you home.

Baby make my motor yearn
I long to feel that rubber burn
         D7         G         F
take the keys to my heart and drive it home


        C/D  D7
Drive it home

The albume is Sevens, so is this song.  Nothing but 7th chords (almost)!

C/D = xxoo1o

(note:7th bar chords sound better)

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