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Garth Brooks, Rodeo Or Mexico 2 Tabs

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Country Tabs > Brooks Garth Tabs > Rodeo Or Mexico 2

Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Rodeo Or Mexico 2 Tab

Rodeo or Mexico
Performed By: Garth Brooks
Album       : Scarecrow
Written By  : Bryan Kennedy 
	        Paul Kennerley
	        Garth Brooks

{D} For a change I headed {G} south across the {D} border
{D} For the {G} pesos and a {C} different horse to {D} ride
{D} I'd be back to make the {G} rodeo in {D} Waco
{D} But that was {G} long before I {C} saw them dark brown {A} eyes

{D} With long black hair and {G} English bad and {D} broken
{D} Her {G} body said the {C} words she couldn't {D} find
{D} As I hung on every {G} word she left un {D} spoken
{D} Oh The {G} question started {C} leaning on my {A} mind

{A} Rode {D} oooo {G} oooo or {D} Mexico
{D} They {C} both can keep a {G} cowboy satis {A} fied
{A} Rode {D} oooo {G} oooo or {D} Mexico
{D} The {C} only way I {G} know how to de {A} cide
{A} Is just get on and {D} ride

{D} We danced all night be {G} neath that sheet of {D} cotton
{D} And you {G} just don't tell a {C} girl like that good {D} bye
{D} But the cowboy life ain't {G} easily for {D} gotten
{D} Though {G} lying there I couldn't {C} help but wonder {A} why


{D G D A} Let me on and {D} ride
{D G D A} That's right {D}

{D} Well The morning found the {G} answer dawning {D} on me
{D} As I {G} woke up to the {C} sharp end of a {D} knife
{D} He was screaming at the {G} woman hanging {D} on me
{D} Does any {G} body know the {C} Spanish word for {A} wife?


{D G D A} Crawl on up and {D} ride

{D G D A}

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