Artist: Garth Brooks | Song: Pushing Up Daisies

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Garth Brooks, Pushing Up Daisies Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Pushing Up Daisies Tab


Vs. 1
E                                     A            E
Sometimes I tell you the way that I feel,
E                                 B   A
I swear that I’m goin’ crazy,
E                                     A                E
Keep tellin’ myself it aint that big a deal,
E                                       B    E
It’s better than pushin’ up daisies,

Vs. 2
E                                A                E
I felt the arrow from deaths fatal quiver,
E                                       B       E
Come so close it actually grazed me,
                             A     E
I’ve bled the blood and I’ve felt the cold shiver,
E                        B   E
God only knows how he saved me,

A                                        E
There’s two dates in time that they’ll carve on your stone,
     A                       B
And everyone knows what they mean,
A                                                 E
But whats more important is the time that is known,
         A            B           E
in that little dash there in between,
      A              B        E
That little dash there in between.

Vs. 3

Sometimes my heart is as true as a dove,
Sometimes my heart it betrays me,
So I draw my sword for to fight for my love,
But without a whisper she saves me,
Vs. 4
My mother died but somehow she keeps living,
She’ll never cease to amaze me,
Now dad turns his back on each day that he’s given
Cause he’d rather be pushin up daisies.

Repeat chours untill you get tired of it.

[Thanks to Johnny R. for corrections]

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