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Garth Brooks, Night Riders Lament Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Night Riders Lament Tab

Night Rider's Lament
Written by Jerry Jeff Walker
Performed by Garth Brooks (& others)

    D                     G          D                              A
One night while I was out ridin' The graveyard shift, midnight 'til dawn
    G        A           D       Bm          A              G               D
The moon was bright as a readin' light For a letter from an old friend back home.
                G          A             D             G          A              D
And he asked me Why do you ride for your money Tell me why do you rope for short pay
          G         A                D           Bm   A  G
You ain't gettin' nowhere and you're losin' your share
         A              G         D
Boy, you must have gone crazy out there.
        D                     G           D                          A
He said last night I run onto Jenny She's married and she has a good life.
         G               A              D          Bm
Boy, you sure missed the track when you never came back
          A          G           D
She's the perfect professional's wife.
                 G           A            D         G                   A              D
And she asked me why does he ride for his money And tell me why does he rope for short pay
         G          A             D          Bm  A  G
He ain't gettin' nowhere and he's losin' his share
        A            G         D
Boy, he must've gone crazy out there.
                G     A        D       Bm              G            A           D
Ah, but they've never seen the Northen Lights, they've never seen a hawk on the wing
     G           A             D       Bm  A  G
They never spent spring on the Great Divide,
            A                G           D       E         
And they've never heard ole' camp cookie sing.
E                              A             E                            B
Well, I read up the last of my letter, And I tore off the stamp for black Jim.
         A          B             E  C#m           B            A          E
And when Billy rode up to relieve me,      He just looked at my letter and grinned.
            A           B              E              A           B              E
He said now why do they ride for their money, Tell me why do they ride for short pay
           A          B                E            C#m  B  A
They ain't gettin' nowhere and they're losin' their share
          B            A         E
Boy, they must've gone crazy out there
          A            B         E
Son, they all must be crazy out there.

[Thanks to Tom Crowley for corrections]

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