Artist: Garth Brooks | Song: Kickin and Screamin

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Garth Brooks, Kickin and Screamin Tabs

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Country Tabs > Brooks Garth Tabs > Kickin and Screamin

Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Kickin and Screamin Tab


Well, I don't know what my uncle did but he must have done it right
They sure strung him up one Saturday night 
He had spent his whole life fussinę would have spent his last breath cussin'
        A            Ab       G      Fis
ęTil he realized the deal was really done
           B                                E                            A Cis D Eb E
He started screamin' "hallelujah" tryin' to make his peace with everyone

             D                                       A
Yeah, he was kickin' and screamin' just like he came in
   Bb  B                                                 E   F E  Eb
He was kickin' and screamin', darlin' right to the bitter end
D                                                                  A     Ab G Fis
Ain't it funny how he come in kickin' giddyup and go out hollerin' whoa
         B                     E                       A  Cis D Eb A
Lord, we never want to be here sure don't ever want to go

              A                                     A
Well, I could hear those church bells ringin' To my best friend I was clingin'
Screamin' "If you love me brother don't let me go"
Well, then the whole scene was repeated two years later I begged and pleaded
           A           Ab           G                   Fis
Screamin' "If you love me, honey, now you know you wouldn't want to let me go"
      B                          E                              A      Cis D Eb A Eb E
No, I didn't want to do it but I sure don't want to see it come undone


Solo: A D B E A Cis E Eb A 


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