Artist: Garth Brooks | Song: I Dont Have To Wonder

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Garth Brooks, I Dont Have To Wonder Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: I Dont Have To Wonder Tab

I Don't  Have to Wonder
As preformed by Garth Brooks on the album Sevins

Words & music by Shawn Camp and Taylor Dunn
Transcribed without permission by bcr/eg

( Intro)  D	G	D	G	Bm  A   G   Em 

( Verse I )
D		  G      D                  G       D                   G               A        D
Drove to the church       in my suite and tie       But I just couldn't bring myself to go inside

             G            A                    Bm                    G
So I sat alone      in my truck across the street       watched that chauffeur  smokin' cigarettes  by that 

A                      D                G            A               Bm G 
long white limousine.  I could just imagine what was going on in there  sunlight streamin' through the 

stained glass and those flowers in your hair  

                       Bm                                D                 G            D          
(Chorus I ) 	And in less time than it takes a tear to fall  those bells rang loud as thunder and they
 G             D          G                A            D
 opened up the doors  now I don't have to wonder anymore

( Verse II )

Laughin' and a crying,' tossin' that bouquet.  And when you got in that limo I drove off the other way.  And  I still don't know why things happened like they did.  But I parked that old pick-up on that lonesome river bridge.  I took your ring from my pocket, and I held it one last time.  I watched that diamond sparkle, I drew back and I let her fly.

( Chorus II )

And in less time than it takes a tear to fall, Oh, that old ring went under.  Lord, now it's gone for sure, and I don't have to wonder anymore...

D           G                D           G              D/F      G                 A
Well the angels sang like thunder  as I felt myself go under  now I don't have to wonder anymore

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