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Garth Brooks, Cowboy Cadillac Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Cowboy Cadillac Tab

Cowboy Cadillac by Garth Brooks
Capitol Records  from the CD  Sevens
written by Bryan Kennedy and Garth Brooks

A  E  A

[A] I've never known one better, she's a real go getter
If you met her you'd be good as [E] gone
She's a real red liner, likes it all behind her
She's the kind that keeps you hangin' [A] on
She's a cowboy's buddy, even when she gets muddy
Lord, she's lovely from her front to [E] back
So either comin' or goin', know her best side's showin'
She's my cowboy Cadi [A] llac


She's the [D] perfect picture, of the perfect mixture
'Tween a woman and a fine [A] machine
She's a [D] hard work lover, a real tough mother
She's the [B7] cover of a maga [E] zine
And I'm [A] happy knowin', that what keeps me goin'
Is what's gonna keep me comin' [D] back
She's my [E] honkin' tonkin', everything I'm wantin'
Cowboy Cadi [A] llac

A   E   A

She [A] loves to haul them cattle, all my ropes and saddle
And it doesn't matter work or [E] play
If it's a mountain she can crawl it, if it's hay then she can haul it
She's the last one to call it a [A] day
Every cowboy loves her, Lord they all dream of her
Oh brother, don't they all [E] react
At the end of the evening, when they see me leaving
With my cowboy Cadi [A] llac


She's my [E] honkin' tonkin', everything I'm wantin'
Cowboy Cadi [A] llac

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