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Garth Brooks, Anonymous Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brooks Garth Tabs
Song: Anonymous Tab

Composed by Garth brooks
Written by Tony Arata, Jon Schwabe

It can be found on the limited box set on In Peices 

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: G D G D Asus A D

G                     D
Well I wrote our name a thousand times
G                     D
Just to see yours sitting next to mine
Asus                  A            D
Sent you flowers card unsigned...Anonymous

G                     D
In days to come like days to past
G                     D
My heart beats for you always has
Asus                 A         D
Though you know me only as...Anonymous

F#m                                   Bm    Bm/A
In dreams at night I carry your books for you
G          D/F#              Em   G
And when I rise a flame for you
F#m                     Bm       Bm/A        G D G D
Always to shy to carry the whole thing through

G                        D
Like the light from that eternal flame
G                      D
Burns for one without a name 
Asus             A               D
My love forever will remain...Anonymous

Solo: G D G D D/F# Em

F#m                         Bm
Oh you'll always wonder who it was
Who it was
G          D/F#      Em   G
It was just...Anonymous

G                       D
Well I wrote our names a thousand times
G                          D
Just to see yours sitting next to mine
Asus                   A          G
And I sent you roses card unsigned

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