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Paul Brandt, Outside The Frame Tabs

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Artist/Band: Brandt Paul Tabs
Song: Outside The Frame Tab

Song: Outside the Frame
Sung By: Paul Brandt
CD: Outside the Frame
Written By: Paul Brandt/Steve Rosen
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence
CAPO 1st Fret
The shadows move slowly
They climb up the walls
          D                        G
Till the light hits the metal and glass
It shines through the dust
Revealing the love
      Bm             A          G
In an old black and white photograph
That was before
         G       A
But it's not anymore

       D           G
Cause outside the frame
Bm             A             G
You're getting on with your life
   D        G       A
I wonder if I ever will
       D         G
Cause inside my heart
   Bm         A         G
I picture us frozen in time
D            G           A
Just you and I standing still
                  G        A
Now everything's changed
             Bm     A    D    G     A
Outside the frame
2.The look in your eyes
Your hand in mine
          Bm           A        G
And we're both holding on to a dream
I'm still trapped in that moment
Where the sun always shines
      Bm          A          G
And I don't ever want to be free
No, I want to stay
        G           A
As the light fades away


Outside the frame
Where you're getting on with your life
And I know that I never will
Cause inside my heart
I still picture us frozen in time
Just you and I standing still
Now everything's changed
             Bm      A
Outside the frame
        G           D            G
I keep waiting for something to change
          D        Bm             G
But the picture inside stays the same
         D           A        G
And the fact of the matter remains
    A        Bm      A     G      A      D
Outside the frame

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