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Adam Brand, Daddy Sang Bass Tabs

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Country Tabs > Brand Adam Tabs > Daddy Sang Bass

Artist/Band: Brand Adam Tabs
Song: Daddy Sang Bass Tab

Daddy Sang Bass

(G) Well I remember when I was a lad
Times were (C) hard and things were (G) bad
But there's a silver linin'... behind every (D7) cloud
Just poor (G) people that's all we were
Tryin' to make a (C) livin' outta outback (G) dirt
But we'd get together in a (D7) circle and sing out (G) loud ... 

 	  	 Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor
 	  	 (G7) Me and little (C) brother would join right (G) in there
 	  	 Singin'... seems to help a troubled (D7) soul
 	  	 One of these (G) days it won't be long
 	  	 We'll all (C) join in this (G) song
 	  	 We'll all get together up (D7) yonder at the (G) throne ...

 	  	 No, the circle ... won't be broken
 	  	 (G7) Bye and (C) bye, Lord, bye and (G) bye ... 
 	  	 Daddy'll sing bass, mama'll sing tenor
 	  	 (G7) Me and little (C) brother will join right (G) in there
 	  	 In the sky Lord ... (D7) in the (G) sky.

(G) Now I remember after work
mama would (C) call in all of (G) us
You could hear us singin' ... for a country (D7) mile
Now little (G) brother he has gone on
and I'm gonna (C) join him before too (G) long
We'll all get together up (D7) yonder at the (G) throne ...


In the sky, Lord, (D7) in the (G) sky
Said In the sky Lord ... (D7) in the (G) sky ... C G D7 G

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