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Blue Sky Boys, Are You From Dixie Tabs

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Artist/Band: Blue Sky Boys Tabs
Song: Are You From Dixie Tab

George L. Cobb-Jack Yellen / M. Witmark & Sons, ASCAP
written as early as 1915, discovered in the mid-30s by the Blue Sky Boys and
used as their radio theme
transcribed by Warren Gumeson from The Blue Sky Boys in Concert, 1964
(Rounder CD 11536, c1989)

(G) Hello there, stranger, how do you do
There's something I'd like to say to you
(D) You seem surprised I recognize,
(A7) I'm no detective, but I (D) just surmise

(G) You're from the place I'm longing to be
Your smilin' face seems to say to me
(D) You're from my homeland, my sunny homeland,
(A7) Tell me can it (D) be?

 Are you from (G) Dixie? I say, from (C) Dixie?
 Where the (G) fields of cotton beckon to me
 I'm glad to see you, tell me how (C) be you?
 And those (A7) friends I'm longing to (D) see?

 Are you from (G) Alabama, Tennessee, or Caroline?
 (C) Any place below the Mason (G) Dixon Line
 Are you from Dixie, I say from (C) Dixie?
 'Cause (G) I'm from (D) Dixie (G) too.

It was 'way back in old '89
When first I crossed that Mason Dixon Line
Gee but I've yearned, longed to return,
To all those good old folks I left behind

My home is way down in old Alabam'
On a plantation near Birmingham
And there's one thing certain, I'm surely flirtin'
With those southbound trains

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