Artist: Ryan Bingham | Song: Wishbone Saloon

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Ryan Bingham, Wishbone Saloon Tabs

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Country Tabs > Bingham Ryan Tabs > Wishbone Saloon

Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: Wishbone Saloon Tab

G                             G
Early afternoon when the sun goes down

    G                     G
the cowboys saddle up and ride to town

     C            D          G      G
to a run down bar outside of Marfa

         G                        G
It was a honky-tonk heaven yeah I shouted from above

       G                            G
At the best lookin' hookers next to lonesome dove

           C                D                G      G
Check your guns at the door, I wanna see ole Marla


          D                        D
Where the beer bottles bust on the hardwood floors

        C                        C
And the cowboys ride through the swinging doors

D                         D
Blood on the kuckles of a fighting man

        C                   C                     G  G
Cause I caught me the devil, another crooked hand

         D                  D
It was a lonesome lady on a Friday night

         C                        C
With the fishnet stockings comin' to her thigh

       D                    D
It's a wild- ass bar fight, get down hoe down

C                   C                
Howlin' at the moon, Wishbone Saloon

G  G  G  G  C  D  G  G

The cowboys whistle as the barmaid pours
A triple shot of whiskey for the girls on the floor
Now they're dancin' on the bar, all up in the air

And the jukebox jumps through a smoke ring singing
a Bob Wills tune to the cowboys saying
hey barmaid honey, bring us another round.


(this verse is kind of slowed and strummed differently)

     G                    G
It's ealry in the mornin' better get to going

G                 G            C   D  G  G
Rooster's crowin', got work to do

    G                       G
The barbwire's down and the cows are gettin' out

G                   G                      C   D  G  G
Gotta catch em fast, before the boss finds out


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