Artist: Ryan Bingham | Song: The Wandering

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Ryan Bingham, The Wandering Tabs

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Country Tabs > Bingham Ryan Tabs > The Wandering

Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: The Wandering Tab


G#m F#, E A, E A, B7 E

G#m                  F#               E              A
When your world's of Madness and your burned at both ends
     E                A              B7    E
Your walls are closin in wont you re-member.
F#           A     E               A          E
Open up your heart, Let yourself unwind
              A              B7       E
Find peace-of-mind among the wan-der-ing.

G#m F#, E A, E A, B7 E

G#m           F#      E                  A       
Step into the unknown, where your path rewinds
E              A                B7        E
see if you can find out what ya came here for
F#                A
Roll one from the green vine
E             A
disregard the times
E                  A              B7       E
find your peace of mind among the wan-der-ing.

F#             A
Don't fear the vendors
E               A
dreams can't be bought
E             A                      B7       E
as long as ya don't say what ya been fightin for
E             A                      B7       E
as long as ya don't say what ya been fightin for

G#m F#, E A, E A, B7 E


If your heart's of anger and your helpless in the end
Won't you let your friends help you re-member
With every box of poison
there's a ribbon tied
Don't believe in miles when they decieve you
Take a look inside, if your so inclined
just leave some time for the wandering
find your piece of mind among the wandering


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