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Ryan Bingham, Sunshine Tabs

Ryan Bingham Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: Sunshine Tab

Sunshine, Ryan Bingham

E, hammering the B string to C#.

Ok, folks, this is my best shot at the lyrics. Hard to hear, picked
up others from youtube video, probably made others up.
Anyway, sort makes sense to me, but
your corrections interpretations most welcome. As for the music,
sounds right to me to just play the E (amazing what can be done
with one chord), then after "Hey, sunshine",
make some racket with an open E tuned slide. (But heck, I don't
even know if its "Hey sunshine.". Could be "Here, sunshine"?

You don't like it, Ryan, come to Knoxville and straight me out :)


Hey sunshine, fall on me
Won't you tell me, when the hour is late
Tell them old crows, wanna fly away
Tell the darkness that you ain't no slave

Hey sunshine

Won't you follow me thru the night
Won't you  guide me, guide me with your light
Some trouble's on the road ahead
Some lawman, well he wants me dead

Hey sunshine

Ain't done nothing
That's what I told that man
Said I ain't done nothing
With these two hands

See there ain't no blood
No blood on my hands
That stains the gun
Of a government man

Hey sunshine

Well, sunshine, fall on me
Won't you  guide me, til I can see
Tell them old crows, wanna fly away
Tell the darkness that you ain't no slave

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