Artist: Ryan Bingham | Song: Dollar A Day

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Ryan Bingham, Dollar A Day Tabs

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Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: Dollar A Day Tab

G             Cadd9                  G
Well Iíve been workin in the hot damn sun 
     Cadd9               G
Well just for a dollar a day
              Cadd9          G
and Iím workin for a dollar a day
   D                     G
Iím workin for a dollar a day

Iíve never understood why all my money 
goes to man down at the bank
all he dose is sit and think
about the money Iím ganna make

All my brothers are jumpin on planes 
goin off fightin in wars
been over on the desert shores
fightin for my freedom and a little bit of ore

Sure does cost well whole a lot of money 
to live in the land of the free
so I think Iíll go and plant a seed
grow a marijuana money tree

well Iím ganna head it on down south Louisiana
with a guitar on my back
corn bread in a gunny sack
well maybe they'll cut me some slack

Iíve been pickin on the rock since five o'clock
my calluses is cut to the bone
the soles on my shoes are worn
Iím livin on the rocks and stones

Well Iíve been in the god damn sun
just for a dollar a day
been workin for a dollar a day
cause I need some money to save 

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