Artist: Ryan Bingham | Song: Country Roads

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Ryan Bingham, Country Roads Tabs

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Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: Country Roads Tab

   C           G           F
Do you really think you know, 
 F           G       C
Exactly where I stand,
C          G            F
Or did I just let you down,
 F              G                  C
When you found out I was just a poor man,
  C           G               F
I might of took a few wrong turns, 
  F         G       C
Down a few wrong roads, 
   C           G           F
Wound up in a few wrong towns, 
   F           G         C
Where nobody cares or goes.

   C            G        F
It ain't that I can't see,
 C       G       F
Or find my way home,
       C          G          F 
It's just that I like to breath,
Out on country roads. C G F   F G C

I've never been much on down town, 
Or cared for a place to stay, 
I know I'll never wear a crown, 
I'll never be a king of slaves, 
Wash my hands in the rain, 
I've spent my time with the whiskey, 
I'll never give up on change, 
Or give a fuck if you will ever miss me.

Chorus: repeat

I know I'll never stick around. 
I'll never lose track of time, 
Or worry about a little old town, 
Or what I might of left behind, 
I'll just let the sun shine down, 
I'll just let them big wheels roll, 
Keep on running around, 
Them old country roads.

Chorus: repeat

[Thanks to Bobby B for tabs]

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