Artist: Ryan Bingham | Song: Boystown

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Ryan Bingham, Boystown Tabs

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Country Tabs > Bingham Ryan Tabs > Boystown

Artist/Band: Bingham Ryan Tabs
Song: Boystown Tab

Well the cigarette smoke hovers above a bar room glow
Through the dim lights stood a pretty little whore
She looked as broke as a oil field drifter 
G                        D
Counting the lies to his ex-wifeís picture 

Well, every effort she makes to improve her condition 
Starts with a smile and a friendly proposition
The night was long, the sparkle in her eye
Drifts away with the perfume high

Then it makes it hard to tell anymore 
ĎBout how she became a pretty little whore
The thoughts roll across her discolored face 
Drowns in the lies, it drift from disgrace

Yeah, down the road into Mexico
Up the hill to Boystown they go
Corona clubs got a donkey show 
And for a hand full of pesos were all gonna go
Well, the taxicab rolled up and down that hill
The cowboys pour out for midnight thrills 
Started off with beer and ended with tequila 
Two to three minutes with a sweet senorita 

Well that rusty old table on a three legged chair 
Sat a bow legged man with dusty black hair 
Rancho Grande flowed across the bar 
As his fingers ran threw an old gut string guitar 

After five pesos and a few cigarettes 
Heíll play you a song you didnít request
Heís not confused just a little bit tired 
Playing for the strangers, pocket change for an hour 

Yeah, he had a bent sombrero with a hole in the side
Results of taking a knife into a gunfight
The days are long, heís just a wore out old man
Playing tired songs in a mariachi band 
There they go

When the night in time turns into day
6 A.M rolls around the way
Stagger outside drunk and tired 
Craving hot dogs from a street gutter fire 

Start rolling dice for taxicab fairs 
Through the night they give evil eyed glares 
The fight is on, ainít no use in talking 
Some unlucky loser gonna end up walkiní

And as starts toward the bridge he gets a feeling inside 
With every step it gets harder to hide
He ainít got no money, he donít know no trouble 
Get out alive a vaquero on the double 


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