Artist: Bellamy Brothers | Song: You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie

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Bellamy Brothers, You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie Tabs

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Country Tabs > Bellamy Brothers Tabs > You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie

Artist/Band: Bellamy Brothers Tabs
Song: You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie Tab

Verse 1:

A          D	               E
Pine trees grow so tall in the bright sunshine
D	     	 E	            A
     A young boy steals his daddy's fishin' line
A            D                      E
An alligator lays on the banks of a riverbed
D	     	       E
     And if you didn't know any better
You'd swear he's dead

Bm                   E                 A
     Now these are a few things I'm in love with
  Bm                E           A
A small part of the reason I go back
       Bm                E                A
To Carolina Mississsippi Florida gorgeous Georgia
           Bm                   E
Now if you think I'm happy down there
You're on the right track
        D                   E
And you ain't just whistlin Dixie
    A                       D
You ain't just slappin your knee
      D               E
I'm a grandson of the Southland
   A               A7
An heir to the Confederacy
    D                   E
You ain't just whistlin Dixie
           A                        D
?Cause the cattle call's callin' me home
   D                         E
So put me down there where I wanna be
D                  E
Plant my feet with Robert E. Lee
D                     E
Bury my bones under a cypress tree
    D     C#m E  A
And never let me roam

Verse 2:

A			   D                       E
Cotton balls gleam and the cow gives cream for the baby's sake
D	            E                      A
Pa comes in full of gin and he's mean as a rattlesnake
           A                    D                E
And if the well runs dry and we cry and cuss the garden hose
D                           E                   A
Mama draws a bucket full of creek water just to wash our clothes


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