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Bellamy Brothers, The Andy Griffith Show Tabs

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Artist/Band: Bellamy Brothers Tabs
Song: The Andy Griffith Show Tab

The Andy Griffith Show
written by David Bellamy


           C                     G
That old evening news is sure depressing
      C                                   G
This world is in a mess and it don't get better
     C                                   G          Em
Terrorism's in fashion and even love can kill you
       C                              D
Oh but I have found a better place to go

We're all livin' in the shadow of the bomb
Tuned in to the lifestyles of the rich and greedy
Oh but meanwhile back in Mayberry no one says the "F" word
Thank God for the reruns

        G                    C              C/G         G
On the Andy Griffith Show, Angie's letting Otis out of jail
 C               C/G              G
Gomer's helpin' Goober drive the mail
         C                                          G        G/F#     Em
Oh and Barney's lookin' for his bullet, you better watch out for your toes
        C                 D            G
I wish life was like the Andy Griffith Show

Now they're dealing in souls on the airwaves
All them false profits tryin' to make a buck
But old Floyd the barber, he just goes on trimmin' hair
And we ain't heard the last of Ernest T. Bass you know


On the Andy Griffith Show, Aunt B's cookin' lamb and turnip greens
Now everyone dance while the Darlins pick and sing
Yeah that old kid's diggin' worms to go fishin' don't ya know
I wish life was like the Andy Griffith Show

Thelma Lou told Wanita to call Helen Crump
Then round up Clara and Emmett and Howard Spray
There's a town meeting down at Andy's office
Barney's gonna try to take us all back in time


To the Andy Griffith Show, the biggest hastle there was makin' moonshine
They sat swingin' on the porch with an easy mind
Oh and maybe it was unreal, but when this old world blows
I hope I end up on the Andy Griffith Show
I wish life was like the Andy Griffith Show 

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