Artist: Bellamy Brothers | Song: She's Awesome

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Bellamy Brothers, She's Awesome Tabs

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Artist/Band: Bellamy Brothers Tabs
Song: She's Awesome Tab

She's Awesome
written by David Bellamy


G                                Cadd9             G
I don't know what she sees in me but I'm glad she sees it
                                   C                 D
Don't know why she believes in me, I just know she believes it
G                          Cadd9        G
She is my prayer at night, she is my religion
                                        D                  G
So I searched for the word that's right to describe her heaven

       C              G
She's awesome, she's awesome
          D                               Cadd9     G
And every day I'm lost in dreams I can't reveal to you
         C              G
She's awesome, she's awesome
          D                     C         D            G
And every night she's there to make those dreams come true

In the evening we're going out, she puts on her make-up
She asks me if she looks all right and I say, You don't need to wear too much
When we walk down the boulevard, I see heads a-turning
Just a kiss from her longing lips leaves my body burning


Am        C/B              G
No other woman, no other lover (no other lover)
Am          C/B       C              D
No greater treasure, that I could discover
D  D   G

SOLO: G  Cadd9  G  G  D  G

CHORUS (repeat and fade) 

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