Artist: Bellamy Brothers | Song: Nothing Heavy

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Bellamy Brothers, Nothing Heavy Tabs

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Artist/Band: Bellamy Brothers Tabs
Song: Nothing Heavy Tab

E		B 
We were 16 at the most 
McCartney was our holy ghost 
E						B 
and we were sure our smiles would never turn to tears 
18 cought us pretty fast 
legal to make love at last 
something we'd been playing with for years 
Yeah life was great in 65 
made this boy feel so alive 
growing up made something go all wrong 
it seemed all the ways of the world 
took away from the thoughts of a pretty girl 
now I wanna go back to catch up in this song 
C#m		     B 
I dont want nothing heavy 
A			E 
just my baby in the back of my chevy 
C#m		     B 
little loving on the weekends 
A		B 
make me feel allright 
C#m		     B 
I dont want nothing heavy 
A			E 
just my baby in the back of my chevy 
C#m		     B			A	E 
to kiss away my blues in the fullmoon light 
So life became an conglomination 
of mamas ways and a woodstock nation 
I was so confused no where to turn 
and then my lady got so psychodelic 
no reasons left to be angelic 
now I wanna kindle the flame that used to burn 

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