Artist: Gene Autry | Song: Mary Dear

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Gene Autry, Mary Dear Tabs

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Artist/Band: Autry Gene Tabs
Song: Mary Dear Tab

                       Mary Dear
 (D)                        G
Goodbye Mary I must go, send the light down on me, so
 A                                          D
For it's do, because you're far across the sea
 D                              G 
Take this autumn leaf of gold, for it will never grow old
Always wear it near your heart and think of me
 D                             G
Meet me yonder down the lane when I come back home again
 A                                          D
Neath the tree where this autumn leaf once grew
 D                            G
Kiss me Mary then we'll part send a light with a broken heart
 A                                         D
When the leave begin to fall I'll be with you

      D                                 G
cho: I'll be there Mary dear, I'll be there
      A                                         D
     When the fragrance of the roses fills the air
     Neath that old oak tree so tall, when the leaves begin to fall
      A                                              D 
     I'll be there, yes, I'll be there, sweet Mary dear
 D                               G
See the light within me  sleep  and it's comrade taking leave
 A                                    D
Then at home again the trees has come back
 D                         G
If she loved you long ago she still loves you this I know
When one arm will do to hold her to you, Jack
 D                      G
It was often time again as we wandered down the lane
 A                                           D
There beneath that old oak tree he found a grave
 D                               G
There he knelt in silent prayer for the one he loved was there
 A                                          D
And the tears fell on the golden leaves he gave


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