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Rodney Atkins, Man I Am Today Tabs

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Country Tabs > Atkins Rodney Tabs > Man I Am Today

Artist/Band: Atkins Rodney Tabs
Song: Man I Am Today Tab

capo 1

intro: D A G D D x2
D                  G   D               A D
When I was smaller wishing I was taller
D                      A      D
I woke up one morning and my mama was gone
D                            G  D                   A   D
I tried to talk to my father he told me not to bother him
D                     A     D
he said boy being a man means being strong
no chords              
Now leave me alone          D G D

D                 G                    D    D G A D
So you say you wanna see behind the curtain
 D                G                       D         A D 
you wanna know why I don't show it when I'm hurting
A                                        G                 D
It never did me any good before so long ago I locked that door
D                       G                D
But please don't think I'm pushing you away
D       no chords
It's just the man I am today


Before I was loved by you I didn't know how to
Love was nothing to me but a four letter word
But I'm learning being strong don't mean being alone
So just hold on girl and soon you're gonna know
The man I'll be tomorrow



The man I am today
A                                       D                     A
oh i'm not gonna stay this way its just the man i am today oh i'm not gonna
stay this way
the man i am today

and fade

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