Artist: Eddy Arnold | Song: Trouble In Mind

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Eddy Arnold, Trouble In Mind Tabs

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Country Tabs > Arnold Eddy Tabs > Trouble In Mind

Artist/Band: Arnold Eddy Tabs
Song: Trouble In Mind Tab

          G        D7          G7             C    C#dim
Trouble in mind, Im blue, but I wont be blue always
        G                 Am7     D7       G   G7 Am7 D7
For the sun will shine in my back door someday
           G           D7           G7             C C#dim
Trouble in mind, thats true, I have almost lost my mind
G                      D7                G   D7
Life aint woth livin I feel like I could die
        G      D7           G7                C    C#dim
I gonna lay my head on some lonesome railroad line
         G           Am7     D7       G    G7 Am7 D7
Let that 219 special ease my troubled mind
           G        D7            G7               C    C#dim
Trouble in mind, Im blue, my poor heart is beating slow
      G                      Am7      D7     G
Never had so much trouble in my whole life before 

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