Artist: Eddy Arnold | Song: The Missouri Waltz

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Eddy Arnold, The Missouri Waltz Tabs

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Country Tabs > Arnold Eddy Tabs > The Missouri Waltz

Artist/Band: Arnold Eddy Tabs
Song: The Missouri Waltz Tab

As sung by Eddy Arnold maybe around the fifties or sixties
(I'm not sure).

The Missouri Waltz
JR.Shannon & John V. Eppel

[F]Hush a bye my [C7]baby
Slumber [F]time is coming soon
Rest your head up[C7]on my breast
While [F]mommy hums a tune
The [Bb]sandman is callin' where
[F]Shadows are fallin'
While the [G7]soft breezes sigh
As in [C7]days long gone by
[F]Way down in Missouri
Where I heard this melody
When I was a [C7]little child
[F]On my mommy's knees
The [Bb]old folks were [Dm]humming
Their [F]banjoes were strumming
So [G7]sweet [C7]and [F]low

[Dm]Strum strum strum strum strum
[Cm]Seems hear those banjoes
[A7]playin' once a[Dm]gain
Hum hum hum hum hum
That same old [A7]plaintive [Dm]strain

[Dm]Hear that [A7]mournful [Dm]melo[A7]dy
It just [Dm]haunts you the [A7]whole day [Dm]long
And you [Bb]wander in dreams
Back to [F]Dixie it seems
When you [G7]hear that [C7]old time [F]song

[F]Hush a bye my [C7]baby
Go to [F]sleep on mommy's knee
Journey back to [C7]Dixieland
In [F]dreams again with me
It [Bb]seems like your mommy is
[F]There once again
And the [G7]old folks were strumming
That [C7]same old refrain
[F]Way down in Mis[C7]souri
Where I [F]learned this lullaby
When the stars were [C7]blinkin'
And the [F]moon was climbin' high
Seems I [Bb]hear voices [Dm]low
As in [F]days long ago
Singing [G7]hush [C7]a [F]bye

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