Artist: Eddy Arnold | Song: Rob Another Mans Castle

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Eddy Arnold, Rob Another Mans Castle Tabs

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Artist/Band: Arnold Eddy Tabs
Song: Rob Another Mans Castle Tab

Here's the complete song like Eddy Arnold did it back in the late 
40's. The dim7 chords I've just numbered within the song and diagramed 
them at bottom. I like this old song and it has such a great chord 
progression. You can strum the chords all the way across each beat and 
it's really good. 

DON'T ROB ANOTHER MAN'S CASTLE  Written by Jenny Lou Carson

(G)-They say a man's (D7)-home is his (G)-castle, (G7)-
And (C)-he's like a (#2)-king (#1)-on (C)-A  (G)-throne, (G7)-
It (C)-may be a (#2)-shack, down (G)-'long side the (Em)-track,
But (A7)-everything in it's his (D7)own,
So (G)-don't think of (D7)-takin' his (G)-loved one, (G7)-
(C)-It's written, (B7)-thou shalt not (C)-steal,
Don't rob an - (#4)-oth - (#2)-er  (C)-mans (G)-cast - (Em)-le, **(G)-
No (C)-matter how (D7)-lonesome you (G)feel.               (see**note)

(G)-Don't rob an -(D7)-other man's (G)-castle, (G7)-
(C)-Don't take his (#2)-trea - (#1)-sures  (C)-A - (G)-way,  (G7)-
(C)-Strange as it (#2)-seems, when you (G)-steal a man's (Em)-dreams,
You (A7)-never know how much you'll (D7)-pay,
(G)-Don't rob a (D7)-man of his (G)-loved one, (G7)-
(C)-You'll break his (B7)-heart, don't you (C)-see,
I robbed an-  (#4)-oth - (#2)-er (C)-man's  (G)-cast - (Em)-le, **(G)-
Now (C)-someone just (D7)-took her from (G)-me.

**note, you can stay in Em here or strum another Em, then a G.
"Extra chords"
#1=Cdim7    (xx1212)   
#2=C#dim7   (xx2323)   
#4=Ebdim7   (xx4545)                         


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