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Eddy Arnold, Echo Of Your Footsteps Tabs

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Artist/Band: Arnold Eddy Tabs
Song: Echo Of Your Footsteps Tab

This is the work of Tim Ausburn.
Here's an old (1949) Eddy Arnold song (before he went Pop) that some of our 
older citizens may remember.

Written by Jenny Lou Carson  1949?
Recorded by Eddy Arnold  1949?


(D) The day that you told me, you (G) wanted to be free,
I a- (A7) greed with everything you had to (D) say,
But I confess I lied, and (G) darlin' how I cried,
When the (A7) echo of your footsteps died a- (D) way.

First chorus:

I (A7) thought our castle had a firm foun- (D) dation,
But (E7) all along was only made of (A7) clay,
With (D) aching heart I found, it (G) tumbled to the ground,
When the (A7) echo of your footsteps died a-(D) way.

If I had only known, I'd feel so all alone,
I'd have begged down on my knees for you to stay,
The gates to paradise, swung closed before my eyes,
When the echo of your footsteps died away.

Second chorus:

No matter where you are I wish you well dear,
And I ask God to bless you every day,
For I cannot deny, I bid my heart goodbye,
When the echo of your footsteps died away.

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