Artist: John Anderson | Song: The Ballad Of Zero And The Tramp

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John Anderson, The Ballad Of Zero And The Tramp Tabs

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Country Tabs > Anderson John Tabs > The Ballad Of Zero And The Tramp

Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: The Ballad Of Zero And The Tramp Tab

The Ballad Of Zero And The Tramp
By John Anderson

          D                              A
Well they used to call him Zero cause he never made his mark
            Bm                             G
And when he took up with a tramp like her, all the people laughed
D                                  A
Fate just seemed to find them on a one way losing streak
   Bm                                          G
Between the two they lived their lives trapped on a dead end street
       D                            A
Well a man gets tired of zero and a woman hates that scorn
       Bm                                        G
And if time allowed they'd make those fools wish they were never born

       Bm                        D
Oh how come it feels like Sunday each day of your life
Bm                               D 
Some of us have to make a name before we're satisfied
           G                         Bm 
Oh and how come it feels like Monday seven days a week
A                             G                 Bm
Work your fingers to the bone just to make ends meet

Well the bank job wasn't easy, no, they'd left a couple dead
And when the headlines hit the stands that day, it was Zero and the tramp they said
Now it looks like they've got a man hunt for a couple of crazy kids 
And they both got just what they want, it was a price upon their heads
The more they kept on runnin, the more they fell in love
Cause when you live your life outside the law, you need that kind of trust


Sometimes the nights get colder and the dreams can chill your bones
And it was on a night like this that they came too close to home
They were caught up in the cross fire of a SWAT team's finest hour
And went down in a blaze of automatic fire crying hey we've really made it now


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