Artist: John Anderson | Song: Takin The Country Back

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John Anderson, Takin The Country Back Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Takin The Country Back Tab

Song: Takin' the Country Back
CD: Takin' the Country Back - Mercury Records - 1997
Sung By: John Anderson
Written By: Curtis Wright and Marty Stuart
Let's take the country back!!

  Intro: D  C  G (x2)?

   D                                                  C                G
  Goin' down to Muscle Shoals * Where the swamp water rhythm
                                                           C              G
  flows * Live the only way I know * I'm just a common man * Headed
                                        C               G                 D
  down to Texas way * Where the honky tonk heroes play * Gonna find
                                   C                    G
  that lost highway * That's where I'll make a stand *

    D                                        C         G             D
  Takin' the country back * It's high time we face the facts * Heart and
G          D
  soul slippin' through the cracks * We're takin' the country back *
                                              C              G
  Takin' the country back * We're not sure just where it's at * We've
G          D
  got to get it back on track * We're takin' the country back *

  (same chords as above)
  Bright lights and limousines * Fame and fortune I have seen * Still

  searchin' for that dream * It's callin' me back home * Down to earth

  where the music's real * Singin' 'bout what the people feel * Timeless

  truth, now that's the deal * We got to pass in on, y'all * (Chorus x 3)

  (after 3 chorus)
   D         C             G                  D   C               G
  We're takin' the country back * Takin' the country on back *

  Transcribed by: M. Lawrence - 9/24/98

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