Artist: John Anderson | Song: Take That Woman Away

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John Anderson, Take That Woman Away Tabs

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Artist/Band: Anderson John Tabs
Song: Take That Woman Away Tab

Take That Woman Away
By John Anderson

I had me a house up on a hill, I used to dress so slick 
I drove about in a black Corvette and I fooled around with chicks 
But that's all changed and I hear you ask, What in the world’s happened to him
       A                D                        E                        A
Well I lost my head and I got wed and that's the reason for the state I'm in 

Cry, cry, don't ask me why but that's all she does each day
Moan, moan won't leave me alone and I give her all my pay
Scream, scream, even in my dreams, it's turning my hair grey
        A           D                       E    
All I'm saying is I don't mind paying, just take that woman away

At first it seemed like a good idea, she was pretty as a Christmas tree
I met her in a bar and I bought her a beer and asked her to marry me 
It didn't take long 'til I knew I was wrong , I started slippin' out my back door
But I never got far, she ran out to the car, revving up my old chainsaw


Well that was then, I'm happy now, all those years have passed
I'm locked up in a little room but at least I'm free at last
They've got clean white coats and padded walls and pretty fresh cut flowers
Yeah, real nice like paradise, except for visiting hours (she comes around)


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